WPP is a 501(c)(6) membership organization with corporate members. The rights of corporate members are described in WPP’s bylaws.

Historically, WPP’s members have been electric load-serving entities participating in various WPP-facilitated reliability programs. With the recent changes to WPP’s bylaws, these members, referred to in the bylaws as “Program Signatories,” remain members of WPP. They maintain all of the rights they enjoyed in the past, as well as additional rights, such as the opportunity to be appointed to serve on WPP’s Nominating Committee.

More recently, and in recognition of the more public role served by WPP as administrator of the Western Resource Adequacy Program, WPP’s bylaws were modified to allow the addition of new types of members, called “Allied Partners.” These new, non-voting members may be ineligible to participate in WPP reliability programs, but may wish to stay abreast of WPP events, may seek the opportunity to serve on WPP’s Nominating Committee or other committees that may be established over time, or may wish to participate in members-only events or programs that may be scheduled.


Program Signatories are load-responsible entities participating in WPP-facilitated reliability programs. Program Signatories have: (i) the right to vote on an action or amendment to the articles of incorporation or bylaws, if that action or amendment would reduce or eliminate the member’s right to vote; (ii) the right to vote to dissolve WPP; (iii) the right to vote on mergers; and (iii) the right to inspect WPP’s records and corporate membership list as provided by Oregon law.


Allied Partners are utilities, agencies, groups and stakeholders involved or associated with the mission and purpose of WPP. Allied Partners are non-voting members, but Allied Partnership status means that an entity may be appointed to serve on the Nominating Committee and participate in any activities or services that WPP may establish for its members.


WPP Membership Policy

Overview of Member Rights and Participation Eligibility


WPP Membership Policy (.pdf)
Last updated April 29, 2024
2024 Allied Partner Membership Agreement

Allied Partner Agreement (.pdf)
Last updated April 29, 2024
WPP Restated Bylaws

As of May 30, 2023


WPP Bylaws (.pdf)
Last updated April 29, 2024


  1. Submit an application or submit an intake form (as applicable; see below);
  2. Pay any WPP dues that apply; and
  3. Abide by any policies or rules adopted by WPP.

A Program Signatory must submit an intake form to WPP providing information relevant to Program Signatory membership. Intake forms will be sent to each existing program participant and will also be posted on WPP’s website. Program Signatories pay program participation costs in lieu of membership dues.

An Allied Partner must submit a membership application to WPP providing information relevant to Allied Partner membership. Allied Partners pay annual dues established by the WPP board of directors.

Additional details about WPP membership can be found in WPP’s bylaws and membership policies, listed above. 

Questions about WPP membership should be directed to membership@westernpowerpool.org.